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Basic Teradata Query
June 2020
Programming Reference

BTEQ is a command-line interface utility. It does not provide graphical or menu-driven controls. Users must provide text-based instruction input either interactively or with use of batch mode scripting. To be invoked, the command "BTEQ" must be issued.

For example, to run Windows BTEQ interactively, enter the word "BTEQ" at the system prompt. An initial long-form prompt for input will be generated that shows the specific BTEQ version and flavor, the process id for the BTEQ session, copyright notice and a suggested next action.

Teradata BTEQ (64-bit) for WIN64. PID: 35920
Copyright 1984-2020 Teradata. All rights reserved.
Enter your logon or BTEQ command:

To control the way BTEQ behaves, users are provided with a set of commands. For workstation BTEQ, a set of options is also provided. To use an option, it must be specified as part of the invoking BTEQ command's syntax.

For example, to specify the Windows BTEQ is to only print out its version number and then immediately end its process, the -Vs command line option can be used.

C:\>bteq -Vs

To be accepted, the 'V' must be uppercase. BTEQ responds by generating the version value text and silently exiting.