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Basic Teradata® Query Reference

Basic Teradata Query
June 2020
Programming Reference

The commands on the initial Sessions menu are for session control, printing, and setting up printing parameters. The menu also includes a command to exit BTEQWIN.

Option Description
New Starts a new BTEQWIN session.
Interrupt Instigates an attempt to interrupt the active BTEQ process. If there are outstanding SQL requests still being processed on active database user sessions, these may or may not get aborted -- depending on how far along the SQL Engine is with regards to their completion.
Abort Aborts the current active BTEQWIN session before the routine termination.
Close Closes the current BTEQWIN session.
Save As Saves the currently displayed information to a file.
Print Prints the contents of the active window.
Print Preview Displays a preview of the information selected for printing.
Print Setup Allows you to reconfigure your current printer setup.
Exit Exits BTEQWIN.