Installing teradataml Package on Windows

Teradata® Python Package User Guide

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Teradata Python Package
User Guide
  1. If the installed Python version is older than 3.5, you need to install and set up Visual Studio Community 2015 from
    This is a requirement when pandas or psutil gets installed, since these packages don’t have binaries (.whl) for python 3.4.3 in PyPI. Thus, pip gets the source (.tar.gz) and builds it locally.
  2. Upgrade setuptools using the command:
    py -3 -m pip install --upgrade setuptools
  3. Install teradataml package along with its dependencies using the command:
    py -3 -m pip install teradataml

    teradataml has a dependency on teradatasqlalchemy and teradatasql.

    Executing this command will also download and install sqlalchemy, teradatasqlalchemy, and teradatasql, if they are not yet installed.

    teradatasqlalchemy, and teradatasql can also be separately installed from

  4. Verify the installation by Testing Connection to the Database.