UDA Inter-System Connections for IntelliFlex - IntelliFlex Platforms

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December 2018
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The InfiniBand connectivity between the nodes and the switches depends on the number of cabinets and nodes.

  • The number of UDA uplinks is based on a node-to-uplink ratio of 6:1, with a minimum of three uplinks, based on the smaller of the systems being connected. For example, a 30-node IntelliFlex system connected to a 24-node Hadoop Appliance system would require four cables (6:1 ratio based on the 24-node system).
  • Uplinks are connected switch to switch.
  • Connect the UDA uplinks:
    • For systems containing a single pair of first-tier switches, connect the UDA uplinks to these switches in cabinet 1.
    • For systems containing multiple first-tier and a single pair of second-tier switches, connect the UDA uplinks to the second-tier switches.
    • For systems with multiple pairs of second-tier switches, evenly distribute the UDA uplinks to the second-tier switches for best performance.
  • UDA connections between systems start at the highest switch port on both systems, and connect in descending order.