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December 2018
Product Guide
IntelliFlex 2.x delivers the scalability to meet current and future workload requirements through:
  • Independent scaling of processing power and storage capacity using our next generation massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture
  • Advanced in-memory computing
  • Reduced extended downtime
  • Configuration flexibility to add exactly the computing power and storage you need

The fabric-based network architecture enables flexible growth: independently scale nodes (processing power) and storage (data capacity) depending on your requirements.

IntelliFlex platform configurations are scalable, and can handle up to 20 petabytes of uncompressed user data.

The IntelliFlex platform supports single-system and multi-system configurations. The primary system (the first system in a multi-system configuration) can consist of multiple cliques. Availability is enhanced through a clique architecture in which up to 12 active nodes and a hot standby node (HSN) are connected to common storage through the network. It can scale up to 468 nodes with BYNET using multiple 36-port InfiniBand switches, and Star Satellite topology.

The IntelliFlex platform is offered with Fabric-Attached arrays in SSD-only configurations. Note that cabinet build restrictions are based on chassis configurations that use the maximum power.

Two types of SSD arrays are available in the IntelliFlex 2.x platforms:
  • Write-Intensive (WI) arrays
  • Read-Intensive (RI) arrays
Systems can be configured using only WI arrays, only RI arrays, or hybrid SSD configurations using a combination of both.
The following can be optionally added to the IntelliFlex system:
  • One IntelliFlex system in addition to the primary system.
  • One or more cliques.
  • Channel servers, NCS servers, SAS HPA worker nodes (Dell R720, R730, or R730xd), SAS worker nodes (Dell R740xd), or TMSs in any combination depending on your system requirements and configuration.
  • Teradata Vantage nodes depending on your system requirements and configuration.