5.08 - Subscribing to Teradata Software: Quick Deployment - Teradata Software for AWS

Teradata® Software for AWS Quick Deployment Guide

Teradata Software for AWS
November 2018
Complete this task for every software solution you deploy.
  1. From the AWS Marketplace, type Teradata in the Search box.
  2. To subscribe to Teradata Database, click the product link for your packaging option and license tier.
    Packaging Option Product Name
    Teradata IntelliSphere
    • Teradata Vantage Enterprise with IntelliSphere
    • Teradata Vantage Advanced with IntelliSphere
    • Teradata Vantage Base with IntelliSphere
    Individual Purchase
    • Teradata Vantage Developer (Free)
  3. To subscribe to each additional Teradata software component you will deploy, click the product link for your packaging option.
    Packaging Option Product Name
    Teradata IntelliSphere

    (Use for Base, Advanced, Enterprise tiers)

    • Teradata Data Mover (IntelliSphere)
    • Teradata QueryGrid (IntelliSphere)
    • Teradata Viewpoint (IntelliSphere)
    • For other products, use the product name in the Individual Purchase row.
    Individual Purchase

    (Use for Developer tier)

    • Teradata Data Stream Controller
    • Teradata Ecosystem Manager
    • Teradata Query Service
    • Teradata Server Management
    • Teradata Viewpoint
  4. Click Continue, then click Accept Software Terms.
  5. Repeat these steps for every Teradata software product you will deploy.