BTEQ Large File (LF) Support - Basic Teradata Query - 16.20

Basic Teradata Query Reference

Basic Teradata Query
Programming Reference

The 64-bit BTEQ on HPUX (Itanium ia-64) automatically supports LF for files greater than 2GB. LF support is used by 32-bit BTEQ on all supported UNIX platforms.

There are two exceptions to the 32-bit BTEQ LF support. 32-bit BTEQ fails if either of the following conditions occur:

  • The I/O Encoding used is UTF16, and a Large RUN file is being read.
  • The Session CharSet is UTF16, and an IMPORT command has been used where a large TEXT (REPORT or VARTEXT) format data file has been specified.

In both the above cases, BTEQ uses 32-bit Shared ICU Libraries for Teradata (TDICU) functions to handle the respective files. Since the 32-bit TDICU does not support LF, BTEQ fails.