Teradata SQL Requests - Basic Teradata Query - 16.20

Basic Teradata Query Reference

Basic Teradata Query
Programming Reference

All database requests are expressed in Teradata Structured Query Language (Teradata SQL). A Teradata SQL request contains one or more Teradata SQL statements. These statements enable users to perform actions against the Teradata Database such as:

  • Define data – create and modify data structures.
  • Select data – query a database.
  • Manipulate data – insert, delete, and update data.
  • Create Teradata SQL macros – store and execute sequences of Teradata SQL statements as a single operation.
  • Control data – define databases and users, establish privileges, and secure data.

BTEQ does not support embedded control characters within quoted strings for SQL requests. Examples of unsupported control characters include a null, carriage return, or line-feed character.