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You can set up an alert action so that the Teradata Database user is notified by email if there is a session or database space alert.

You can configure how the Teradata Database user is notified in one of the following ways:
  • Domain suffix: Define an email domain suffix that is used to append to the database user name. For example, if you were to define as the suffix, the database user user1 would be emailed at
  • User mapping: Define a Teradata Database object (table or view) from which Viewpoint will select and return two columns, username and email address. This approach requires that the Database Administrator create a table or view before the database user alert is configured. It provides greater control over which users receive email, as the Database Administrator can add rows only for the users who should receive emails. When you configure this option you provide the credentials to use to execute the query. The results of the query are cached and updated by Viewpoint once a day.

After database user alerts are configured in the Alerts Setup portlet, they are available in the Monitored Systems portlet for session and database space alerts.