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You can click the values associated with request status icons to see more detail.

Request Status Icon Description
Arrivals Requests arriving into system management
  • Rejections
  • Aborted
Requests that were not allowed to continue processing. This icon appears with the following values:
  • Number of requests rejected by system filters
  • Number of requests rejected by system throttles and workload throttles
  • Number of requests aborted because of exceptions
Warnings Requests that have been allowed to continue processing after a warning message has been written to the system log file
Delays Requests that were delayed and completed or are currently delayed. Does not include requests that were delayed but are still active
  • Exceptions
  • Reclassified
Requests that triggered an exception. This icon appears with these values:
  • Total number of workload exceptions in the sampling period
  • Number of requests reclassified to a different workload
Completions Requests that executed successfully and no longer require system resources