Configuring Database User Alerts - Teradata Viewpoint - 16.00

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  1. From the Setup Options list, click Database User Alerts.
  2. To disable database user alerts, select Disable database user alerts.
  3. To use database user alerts, select one of the following options:
    Option Description
    Domain suffix Enter the suffix that will be appended to the database user name to construct an email address. For example:
    User mapping
    1. Under System Details, select the System, and specify the credentials, authentication, and character set to use for the system.
    2. Under Table or View Name, enter a name for the user mapping table or view.
    3. Click Test to verify that the connection is successful, that the mapping table or view exists, and that a select statement against the mapping object returns two columns containing strings. If the operation is successful, appears. If the operation fails, appears; you can mouse over the icon to see information about what caused the failure.