6.02 - Adding and Removing Mainframe Connectivity - Teradata Software for Azure

Teradata® Software for Azure Installation and Administration Guide

Teradata Software for Azure
January 2019
Before starting, open port 64432 and keep the port open as long as the mainframe is connected.
Adding or removing mainframe connectivity typically takes 3 to 5 minutes, depending on your configuration.
  1. Stop the database.
    # tpareset –x –y stop for mainframe connectivity
  2. Verify the database is in a DOWN/HARDSTOP state.
    # pdestate -a
    PDE state: DOWN/HARDSTOP Putting the database in this state may take several minutes.
  3. Do one of the following to run the command.
    Option Action
    To add connectivity
    1. Run tdc-mainframe add with arguments.
    • -c followed by the number of PEs to add
    • -y used in conjunction with -c, bypasses user prompt and proceeds running the command automatically
    • -h to display help information
    To remove connectivity
    1. Run tdc-mainframe delete without arguments.

    PEs and nodes are automatically removed when this command is run.

    Example to add one mainframe PE: tdc-mainframe add -c 1 Example to add two mainframe PEs: tdc-mainframe add -c 2 The database restarts multiple times when tdc-mainframe is running.
  4. At the prompt, check the database status to make sure logons are enabled.
    # pdestate -a
    PDE state is RUN/STARTED. DBS state is 4: Logons are enabled - Users are logged on
  5. If you remove mainframe connectivity, close port 64432.