6.02 - Azure Diagnostic Logs - Teradata Software for Azure

Teradata® Software for Azure Installation and Administration Guide

Teradata Software for Azure
January 2019

Azure diagnostic logs provide information about the operation of a resource. The content of these logs vary by resource type. See Azure Documentation Center. Guest OS diagnostics are not available for Teradata VMs.

When you are deploying VMs from an image, you can enable the Boot Diagnostics log to help you diagnose and recover your VMs from boot failures. When you are deploying Teradata products using the Teradata ecosystem solution template, the Boot Diagnostics log is enabled automatically.

If you enable diagnostic logs, you select the storage account where you want to place the diagnostic files. There is a cost associated with enabling logs which is simply the cost of storing the logs in your storage account. Output can take up to 10 minutes to appear in your storage account.

Since licensing information is logged in the Azure diagnostic storage account named diag, it is important to create, set, and keep the lock level to CanNotDelete on this diagnostic storage account to prevent diagnostic logs from being deleted. A CanNotDelete lock level means users can read and modify a resource, but cannot delete the resource. If your role is not Owner or User Access Administrator, see your company's cloud administrator to have a lock created.