ODBC Pattern Escape Character - ODBC Driver for Teradata - 16.20

ODBC Driver for Teradata® User Guide

ODBC Driver for Teradata
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The ODBC pattern escape character is supported for the following ODBC functions (up to the limitations of Teradata):
  • SQLColumnPrivileges
  • SQLColumns
  • SQLProcedureColumns
  • SQLProcedures
  • SQLTablePrivileges
  • SQLTables

The Teradata LIKE clause does not contain an escape character in the same sense as ODBC; therefore, pattern escape characters for one string must either be in use or not be in use. The following table provides an example of the ODBC Pattern Escape Character:

Valid Syntax Illegal Syntax
“table_all” “tab_e\_all”
“this%table” “this%table\_”

If a string containing an escaped pattern character also contains an un-escaped pattern character, the string will be converted to all un-escaped characters. For example:

The string “table\_emp%” will be converted to “table_emp%”.