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2700 Platform Product and Site Preparation Guide

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March 2018
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In a multi-system configuration:
  • All systems must be running the same version of SMWeb Services (11.01 or later) .
  • All server management switches in individual systems are joined together in a single server management domain.
  • The multi-system configuration has a single server management Site ID.

Nodes in all multi-system configurations share the BYNET V5 InfiniBand switches.

A system consists of a set of Teradata Database nodes and disk arrays. A system contains one or more nodes and disk arrays. A system may contain one or more cliques.

Each system in a multi-system configuration is assigned a unique system name. For example:
  • One unique system name is assigned to each Teradata Database system (a set of associated nodes and disk arrays) in a 2700 production system.
  • Another system name is assigned to the nodes in an Aster cluster.
  • Another system name is assigned to the nodes in a Hadoop cluster.

Shared system components (collectives and cabinets, VMSs, BYNET V5 InfiniBand switches, server management switches, and TMSs) are not assigned system names.

Contact Teradata Customer Support to verify which Teradata, Aster, Hadoop, and SAS HPA systems are valid in multi-system configurations, such as a Unified Data Architecture (UDA) environment.
Multi-System Topology