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June 2020
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When a session logs on, Vantage assigns it to a workload. This workload is used for session management and parser-related activity for the life of the session. The session workload is logged in the SessionWDID field in DBC.DBQLogTbl.

When assigning a session workload, Vantage considers only the request source criteria of the workload (such as user and account name). The workload assigned to a session is the first workload in workload priority order whose request source criteria matches the logon information of the session.

Next, after Vantage parses a request, it classifies each request into a workload using all classification criteria and the plan created by the parser. The request can be assigned to a different workload than the session. Requests that use only the parsing engine, such as CALL, SHOW, and HELP statements will run in the session workload.