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June 2020
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Utility throttles limit the number of utilities that can run at the same time. A DBA can throttle utility concurrency at two levels.
Throttle Type Utility Concurrency Limit Viewpoint Tab
Utility Limits System-level Sessions
Workload Workload-level Workloads
A utility throttle includes the following values:
  • Utility name
  • Concurrency limit
  • Delay/Reject option

Workload throttles have more qualification criteria, such as Request Source, Target, and Query Band.

TASM does not support the delay option for non-conforming utilities. TASM always rejects non-conforming utilities that exceed throttle limits, even when the throttle specifies Delay.

You might want to create utility throttles for the following reasons:
  • To limit system resource use (for example, CPU, I/O, AMP worker tasks, and memory)
  • To limit how many utilities can run in different system states, such as when the system is very busy