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Teradata Warehouse Miner User Guide - Volume 1Introduction and Profiling

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The results of running the Free Form SQL analysis are available under the RESULTS tab. Click on the RESULTS tab to view the results. Note that the RESULTS tab will be grayed-out/disabled until after the analysis has finished running. Two tabs are available under the RESULTS tab, data and SQL. One or more result sets can be viewed on the data tab depending on the number and nature of the SQL statements specified on the INPUT - analysis parameters tab. The pull-down list can be used to select the desired result table.

Similarly, the SQL statements executed or generated can be viewed together or individually on the SQL tab. The pull-down list labeled Show Statement can be used to select either All Statements or individual statements as desired. Note, however, that if the option to Execute as a single statement was selected, individual statements cannot be selected on the Results - SQL tab).

Results will not be returned correctly by the Free Form SQL analysis when a stored procedure is called that contains an output or input/output parameter (i.e., a parameter that returns data).