Procedure Options for Data Explorer (Teradata Database) - Teradata Warehouse Miner - 5.4.4

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The Data Explorer function in the Descriptive Statistics category of analyses also provides on its custom Output Storage panel options to create and comment on a stored procedure. The creation of a stored procedure for a Data Explorer analysis has some unique features and requirements.
  • The procedure contains a parameter for the output database and a separate parameter for each of the output tables that may be created depending on options selected in the analysis, namely a Values, Statistics, Frequency and Histogram Output Table.
  • Due to the dynamic nature of the creation of SQL for the Data Explorer analysis, the stored procedure is created only after executing the SQL for the analysis. There is no option in the Data Explorer function to “generate SQL only”, whether or not a stored procedure is requested.
  • If the Restart option is selected, the option to create a stored procedure is not available.