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There are several different graphs available for the Histogram analysis, depending upon the parameterization. These graphs are scrollable, with up to 16 bin counts shown per viewing area, unless the Zoom Out (All Data) option is selected by right-clicking on the graph image. This option is only available on two-dimensional graphs. When the three-dimensional view option is desired, the number in the upper-most left side of the graph indicates the degrees of rotation about the vertical axis. Three-dimensional graphs are limited to fifty bins along each axis. Note that when the Boundaries or Width options are selected, there is the potential to generate a NULL bin (i.e., a bin with no occurrences). In that case, the NULL bin(s) are displayed as such. If more than one column is selected within Overlay Columns, the graph will not be available.

  1. On the Histogram dialog box, click on RESULTS.
  2. Click on graph (note that the RESULTS tab will be grayed-out/disabled until after the analysis is completed).
    Histogram > Results > Graph

    The Histogram analysis graph options are detailed in the following topics: