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The reference manual for each type or variation of QueryGrid describes considerations and limitations in their introductions. These should ideally be studied before making use of the feature.
  • Tables on foreign servers may not be specified as output tables (for example, on the Output tab), and foreign databases may not be specified as containing metadata tables on the Databases tab of the Connection Properties dialog. Further, foreign tables do not offer right-click options to SHOW TABLE or SHOW TYPE in the list of available columns as part of input selectors. Although inserting into a foreign table is allowed in some cases, INSERT statements may only be used in Free Form SQL analyses and post-processing fields.
  • Descriptive Statistics functions are not supported in QueryGrid for Aster.
  • Foreign Server is not supported in the Sample analysis, since it is implemented as a SQL-MR Function.
Specifying A Foreign Database To Appear In Input Selectors (in Aster)

Selecting A Foreign Database, Table And Columns For Input (in Aster)