Analysis Validation

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Validation of the parameters specified for an analysis are done both in real-time and execution time. Real-time validation is done for manually entered input such as the number of bins for the Histogram function or the number of data points for the Scatter Plot function. If an invalid entry is made within a text box, a yellow indicator appears next to the invalid item. Passing the mouse over the indicator will show a tooltip with the appropriate error message.

Run-time validation is done for other parameters. These can be warnings or hard errors that must be corrected before the analysis can be executed. Both warnings and errors are displayed in a pop-up dialog as follows.

Error Warning Dialog

Errors are indicated by the red circle/white ! icon, while warnings are indicated by a yellow triangle/black ! icon. If all the messages are warnings, the Continue button is enabled, and the warnings can be ignored by clicking on it. Double- clicking on any message brings the focus to the error or warning in question on the analysis screen.