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Vantage Customer Experience
September 2019
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Table Type Description Mandatory/Optional Created by data integration if non-existent
Outbound Request Used as a source to compose outbound API request bodies. Mandatory No
Inbound/Outbound Parameters Stores the dynamic PATH and QUERY parameters for Inbound and Outbound API Integrations. Optional No
Inbound Response Stores the results of an inbound API response. Mandatory Yes
Outbound Response Stores the results of an outbound API response. This table can house non-JSON responses. Optional Yes

For outbound integrations, the response table is optional. If omitted, the system does not capture or store API responses.

For inbound integrations, the response table is mandatory as the response body of the GET is stored here.

For dynamic parameters, the response codes are not stored for each individual request. If there is an error received, the response data is not saved. Only JSON responses are accepted. There is no link to the source object id. For outbound, it is optional and stores the response code, response body in flattened form for json and as a blob for any other content type. This is a link to the source object id and order.