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September 2019
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Message groups are categories of messages based on functional similarity, a common goal the messages serve, or some other parameters for grouping messages. Examples of message groups might be Holiday Offers or Back to School deals.

Message groups are beneath interaction points in the configuration hierarchy, so you link message groups to interaction points.

  1. Select "" > Messages > Message groups.
  2. Click CREATE NEW.
  3. Complete Name, Keyname, and optional Description.
  4. Select an Owner.
  5. Click CREATE.
  6. [Optional] Complete the Advanced Options.
    Setting Value
    Objectives Click in the field and select one or more objectives. These objectives (such as Upsell or Customer Retention) are always associated with any messages in this message group
    Maximum Messages Select the maximum number of messages that can be returned to the channel from this message group.
  7. Click SAVE.
  8. Click Messages to add messages to this message group, add the messages, then save it. You can create the message group now and add the messages later.
  9. [Optional] Click Arbitration add an arbitration to the message group and save the arbitration.
    Another way to link an arbitration to a message group is link the arbitration to an area, then link the message group to the area.
  10. [Optional] Add criteria to the message group and then save.
  11. [Optional] Identify the channel where the message group is used.