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September 2019
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The hierarchy for an interaction point is the flow of decisions that determine which messages are returned to the channel. Vantage CX provides a specific type of application window called a whiteboard that you can use to define the hierarchy for an interaction point. The hierarchy can contain multiple components, including decision points, messages groups, areas, and the interaction point itself.

decision point
A group of rules on a path in the hierarchy.
message group
A category of messages based on functional similarity, a common goal the messages serve, or some other parameters for grouping messages

Examples: Holiday Offers or Back to school deals.

A sub-category of an interaction point.

Example: You could have a channel named Web, an interaction point named Pages, and then areas named Home Page, Login Page, and Checkout Page.

Although you can view interaction point hierarchies in any environment, you can edit them only in the Development environment.