1.0 - Running a Single-User Simulation on an Interaction Point - Vantage Customer Experience

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Vantage Customer Experience
September 2019
User Guide

You can run single-user simulations on interaction points in the QA and Production environments. To run single-user simulations, you must have the simulation permission in the corresponding environment, and you must also have permission to the owners of any attributes you want to use in the simulation.

  • Running single-user simulations does not add records to the contact history.
  • Results from previous single-user simulations are not stored and do not affect future single-user simulations. If you open EDIT INPUT and run the same simulation multiple times, you will receive the same results for each simulation.
  • Some rules cannot be tested in the single-user simulation. For example, session rules cannot be tested.
  1. From the navigation panel, select a channel.
  2. Click Interaction Points and select an interaction point.
  3. Click "". The whiteboard loads with the single-user simulation results.
  4. To rerun the single-user simulation, navigate to another page and then return to the this page.