1.0 - Viewing Customer Profiles - Vantage Customer Experience

Vantage Customer Experience User Guide

Vantage Customer Experience
September 2019
User Guide
  1. Select "" > Customer profile.
  2. [Optional] Use a filter to find a subset of customers.
    • Customer ID requires an exact match between the filter string and the customer ID.
    • Name can find records that contain the filter string.
  3. To display a full customer profile, select the customer record.
    • DEMOGRAPHICS includes general contact information, as well as custom traits, marketing programs for which the customer has opted in, and when the customer last opted in.
    • CAMPAIGNS includes interaction details and recent marketing campaigns.
    • HOUSEHOLD lists additional customers identified as belonging to the same household, if any. Click another household member to view the profile for that customer.
    • PURCHASES displays customer purchases, including current status and related dates.