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Vantage Customer Experience
September 2019
User Guide

After defining the hierarchy for an interaction point, you can run single-user simulations with different attributes and complex attribute data to ensure the hierarchy is set up properly. You can run single-user simulations in the QA or Production environments.

The process of running a simulation involves the following steps:
  1. Define the hierarchy for an interaction point in the Development environment.
  2. Promote the interaction point to the QA environment.
  3. Switch to the QA environment.
  4. [Optional] Promote the interaction point to the Production environment, and log in to the Production environment.
  5. [Optional] Define a test user.
  6. Run the single-user simulation.
  7. Analyze the simulation results.
  8. Editing input.
Tip: To avoid frequently logging in and out, you can open multiple browser sessions to log in to multiple environments at the same time using the same user ID. The user ID must have permissions for each environment. You can also define attribute values for the simulation before you run it.