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Vantage Customer Experience
September 2019
User Guide
After selecting sources, use the Join step to specify how the tables you selected relate to each other.
  1. [Optional] Before creating connections between the tables, arrange them in the preferred join order. The primary table is determined by the first join, and should be positioned as the leftmost table. A table becomes a primary table by being the first source node.
  2. From Joins, create a connection between two tables by clicking on one node and dragging to the other table.
  3. From Edit Join, select the join type, fields that are relevant to both tables and the operators.
    • To create more than one row of join conditions, click "" .
    • To delete a row of join conditions, click "" .
    To edit a different join, click that join icon.

    Edit Join options
  4. Create join conditions between each column, as needed.
  5. Click SAVE JOIN.
  6. [Optional] You can change the order in which multiple joins are evaluated. Numbers next to join icons indicate evaluation order.
    1. Click "" in the top bar.
    2. Click "" to change order.
  7. [Optional] Select or clear the checkbox for the columns in each table. Reducing the number of columns may be useful in steps where a list displays all the fields and you only need a subset.
  8. Click CONTINUE.