1.0 - Creating Criteria - Vantage Customer Experience

Vantage Customer Experience User Guide

Vantage Customer Experience
September 2019
User Guide

Vantage CX uses criteria to determine the pool of messages that the customer qualifies to receive. For example, the customer qualifies for Offer A only if the customer's credit score is greater than 750.

You can link criteria to messages, message groups, decision point destinations or paths, strategies, and channels.

  1. Select "" > Real-time decisioning > Criteria.
  2. Click CREATE NEW.
  3. Complete Name, Keyname, and optional Description.
  4. Select whether this is a message-only criterion.
    Setting Value
    Message Only When selected, you can link the criterion to only messages. Use this to define a criterion that tests something about the current message (such as whether the message has been presented before). If that is what you want to do, check Message Only, create a criterion using the Contact Selection function to test something for the current message, and link the criterion to one or more messages.
  5. Click CREATE.
  6. Click Criteria.
  7. In the rule criteria builder, define the criteria using the drag-and-drop interface. For more information, see Criteria.