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September 2019
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An interaction point is the actual touchpoint where the customer interaction with the channel happens. An interaction point can be viewed as a sub-category of a channel. For example, the channel might be Web with the interaction points Home Page and Login Page.

An interaction point is a child of a channel in the configuration hierarchy. You must define at least one channel and one interaction point before the external systems can communicate with Vantage CX.

An area is a sub-category of an interaction point. While an interaction point can have a single arbitration, you can use multiple areas under an interaction point to define multiple arbitrations. See Adding an Area to the Hierarchy.
  1. From the channel, click Interaction Points.
  2. Click CREATE NEW.
  3. Complete Name, Keyname, and optional Description, then click CREATE.
  4. [Optional] Complete the Advanced Options.
    Setting Value
    Objectives Click in the field and select one or more objectives that have been defined in the system.
    The objectives you add to the interaction point define a strategy for this interaction point.
    Maximum Messages Select the maximum number of messages Vantage CX returns to this interaction point.
    Minimum Messages Select the minimum number of messages Vantage CX returns to the interaction point.
  5. Click the tabs across the top to configure additional settings for the interaction point.
  6. Click SAVE.