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The following is the Teradata PT job script you will be running.
DEFINE JOB qstart1

The script is saved as qstart1.txt in the quickstart sample directory.

  • To run the job script, execute the following Teradata PT command in the command window:
    tbuild -f qstart1.txt -v jobvars1.txt -j qstart1

    where the following is true:

    The name of the script to be run: qstart1.txt.
    The name of the job variables file: jobvars1.txt.
    This is the job variables file you have edited
    The name of the job: qstart1.

Once you have run the tbuild command loading data into the target table, you will see the following output on the console, confirming that 10 rows have been loaded. The console output may contain a DBS 3807 warning. You can ignore this message. For more information, see the ErrorList operator attribute in the DDL Operator chapter of the Teradata Parallel Transporter Reference (B035-2436).

Teradata Parallel Transporter Version
Job log: C:\Program Files\Teradata\Client\16.10\Teradata Parallel Transporter\logs\qstart1-32.out
Job id is qstart1-3, running on WUSLK121545-V5X
Teradata Parallel Transporter DataConnector Operator Version
Teradata Parallel Transporter Load Operator Version
$LOAD: private log specified: loadprivate.log
$FILE_READER: TPT19008 DataConnector Producer operator Instances: 1
$FILE_READER: TPT19003 ECI operator ID: $FILE_READER-6024
$FILE_READER: TPT19222 Operator instance 1 processing file 'flatfile1.dat'.
$LOAD: connecting sessions
$LOAD: preparing target table
$LOAD: entering Acquisition Phase
$LOAD: entering Application Phase
$LOAD: Statistics for Target Table:  'TARGET_EMP_TABLE'
$LOAD: Total Rows Sent To RDBMS:      10
$LOAD: Total Rows Applied:            10
$FILE_READER: TPT19221 Total files processed: 1.
$LOAD: disconnecting sessions
$LOAD: Total processor time used = '0.078789 Second(s)'
$LOAD: Start : Mon Jul 18 23:06:53 2016
$LOAD: End   : Mon Jul 18 23:07:02 2016
Job step MAIN_STEP completed successfully
Job qstart1 completed successfully