Licensing Issues During or After Deployment

Teradata Database on Azure Getting Started Guide

Teradata Software for Azure
If you receive any licensing errors during or after deployment, access the Summary page for more information. Following are examples of errors and possible remedies:
Errors Remedies
Cannot access the EMS Server URL Make sure port 443 is open to the Teradata EMS server and verify your system can access the port. See Network Security Groups for Teradata Database.
Couldn’t login to the ems server using the provided Entitlement ID. Verify the entitlement ID you entered when you deployed matches the email confirmation.
License doesn't have requested tier or term Verify the term you selected when you deployed matches the email confirmation. See Bring Your Own License.

Verify the Teradata Database license tier you chose when you deployed is correct.

Not enough TCORES available If additional TCores are needed, contact your Teradata Account Team for assistance.

During deployment, activated licenses are automatically revoked if a failure occurs. If activated licenses did not get revoked, you can revoke them manually. See Revoking Licenses for BYOL. After revoking the licenses, you can delete the VM. See Stop, Deallocate, or Delete a VM in Azure.