Revision History

Teradata Database on Azure Getting Started Guide

Teradata Software for Azure
Date Release Description
January 2018 5.00.01


Updated licensing information to reflect the new EMS,
January 2018 5.00.01 Implemented the following changes:
  • Added new topic, Upgrading Data Mover.
  • Added instructions for using the swupgrade -U command, depending on your version of PUT.
  • The HTTPS protocol is now enabled by default for Data Mover REST service.
  • Added new ports for Teradata REST Services and Data Mover.
November 2017 5.0 Implemented the following changes:
  • Added support for Teradata Database Fold and Unfold.
  • Added support for Bring Your Own License (BYOL).
  • Added support for multiple node failure.
  • Changed the tdc-nodestart-init command to tdc-feature-init to expand its purpose to include folding and unfolding.
  • Added required ports if you are not launching using traditional launch methods in Chapters 3 and 4.
  • Enhanced the tables describing VM sizes in Chapter 2 for ease of use and added TCore information.
  • TTU packages must not be installed on VMs running certain other Teradata software products.
October 2017 4.0 Implemented the following changes:
  • Added support for Teradata IntelliSphere bundle subscription.
  • Added Enhanced IPE, also known as Adaptive Optimizer.
  • Replaced G5 local SSD VM with lower-cost and mostly equivalent L32S.
  • Added support for L8S for local SSD VM.
  • Added support for 30 TB with DS14_v2 and DS15_v2 for premium SSD VM.
  • Updated security group settings for Teradata Server Management.
  • Updated Premium Storage Deployment illustration.
  • Changed TaYS to Teradata Support.
September 2017 3.0 Implemented the following changes:
  • Added support for Teradata Database 16.10. Teradata Database 15.10 continues to be supported.
  • Added support for Teradata QueryGrid 2.n, replacing Teradata QueryGrid 1.n.
  • Added support for Teradata Server Management in the Developer Tier.
  • Added the ability to enable Teradata Intelligent Memory when deploying a Teradata ecosystem for the Advanced and Enterprise tiers.
  • Changed the port for PUT from 8080 to 8443.
  • Changed the storage configurations from 5 x 1023 GiB to 10 x 512 GiB for DS14_v2 and DS15_v2 VM sizes with premium storage.
  • Added unsupported Teradata Database 16.10 features in Teradata Database Exceptions.
  • Added a new topic for Resizing a VM.
July 2017 None Added support for the following:
  • All Teradata Database license tiers.
  • Teradata Intelligent Memory (TIM) to the supported Teradata Database features.
  • Increasing scalability to 32 nodes on VMs with premium storage.
  • 15 TB as a storage option for VMs with premium storage.
  • D15_v2 as a storage option for VMs with local storage for the Developer tier.
  • Using Teradata Access Module for Azure to export data from and import data to Microsoft Azure Blob storage.
  • Azure managed disks for deploying a Teradata ecosystem from a solution template.
  • Deploying multiple Server Management VMs for high availability.
  • Deploying Teradata REST Services from the Teradata ecosystem solution template.
  • Enabling Teradata Row-Level Security and Teradata Secure Zones from the Teradata ecosystem solution template.
March 2017 None Initial release