Completing the Procedure - Aster Appliances

Aster Appliance 5 Platform Hardware Replacement Guide for Customers

Aster Appliances
February 2018
Hardware Servicing
  1. Return to Server Management Client and, in the Replace FRU window, click Ok.
  2. When the Replace FRU confirmation dialog box appears, click Ok to close the FRU replacement session in Server Management Client.
  3. Add a comment to the summary alert:
    1. In the Server Management Client window, select the Summary Alerts tab. A list of summary alerts appears.
    2. Locate the appropriate summary alert.
    3. On the right side, click the three-bar icon.
    4. Select Add Comment. The Comments window appears.
    5. You must add entries in both the Author and the Comment box.
    6. Click Submit. The comment is attached to the summary alert.
  4. Clear the summary alert:
    1. In the Summary Alerts tab, select the alert containing the corresponding failed drive. The synopsis indicates a failed drive (similar to the following): A Node Drive Failure has been detected in SMP.x.x.x.x
    2. In the Summary Alerts tab, select Functions > Clear Summary Alerts.
    3. At the confirmation prompt, click OK. The status of the alert group changes from Active to Cleared (has checkmark). Clearing an alert group removes it from the list of problem scenarios being monitored.
  5. Close the Maintenance Window:
    1. In the Server Management Client window, click the Overview tab.
    2. In the Maintenance Window on the right side of the column, click the trash can icon.
    3. In the Maintenance Window , click Yes.
    4. In the Information window, click OK.
  6. Log off Server Management Client.