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Teradata® Viewpoint Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

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October 2021
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The previous installation procedure requested that you enter the name of the Teradata Viewpoint server. If you did not complete this step or you performed the installation with PUT, manually configure the Teradata Notification Service for Linux to include the location of the Viewpoint server where Teradata Alerts is installed.
  1. Create the following directory if it does not already exist:
    mkdir -p /etc/opt/teradata/cam
  2. Change the permissions on the directory:
    chmod 755 /etc/opt/teradata
    chmod 755 /etc/opt/teradata/cam
  3. Change directory:
    cd /opt/teradata/client/cam/tdnotification/config
  4. Copy the file to the configuration location:
    cp /etc/opt/teradata/cam/
  5. Edit and locate the entry for
  6. Remove the comment sign and assign to the Viewpoint server where you installed the Teradata Alerts packages:
  7. Save and close the file.
  8. Change the file owner, replacing camuser with the custom service user as needed:
    chown camuser:
  9. Change the file permissions:
    chmod 744
  10. Restart the tdnotification service:
    /etc/init.d/tdnotification restart