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Teradata® Viewpoint Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

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October 2021
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Use these steps to perform an interactive installation or upgrade of Teradata Notification Service on a Linux server. This procedure is only used when PUT is not available. Note that xx represents the version of the software you are installing or upgrading.
  1. Download the software from the Teradata Software Server:
  2. Copy the correct version rpm file to the server where the installation or upgrade is to be performed.
    Viewpoint/SLES Version RPM Filename
    16.50 with SLES12 tdnotification1650__SLES12_x8664.16.50.xx.xx-1.rpm
    16.50 with SLES11 tdnotification1650__SLES11_x8664.16.50.xx.xx-1.rpm
    16.20 tdnotification1620__SLES11_x8664.16.20.xx.xx-1.rpm
  3. Log on to your Linux server as the root user.
  4. Change to the directory containing the rpm file.
  5. Verify JAVA_HOME is defined:
    echo $JAVA_HOME
  6. Set the CAM_INTERACTIVE_INSTALL environment variable to indicate the installation is interactive:
  7. Install the correct version rpm:
    Viewpoint/SLES Version Command
    16.50 with SLES12 rpm -Uvh tdnotification1650__SLES12_x8664.16.50.xx.xx-1.rpm.
    16.50 with SLES11 rpm -Uvh tdnotification1650__SLES11_x8664.16.50.xx.xx-1.rpm.
    16.20 rpm -Uvh tdnotification1620__SLES11_x8664.16.20.xx.xx-1.rpm.
  8. When prompted, enter the name of the Viewpoint server.
  9. When prompted, enter the name of the service user, or accept the default of camuser.
    The service runs with the user id of the service user account. See Service User for more information.
    The software is installed in the following location:
    • /opt/teradata/client/16.50/cam/tdnotification (for 16.50)
    • /opt/teradata/client/16.20/cam/tdnotification (for 16.20)
    A symbolic link is created to the installation directory:
    • /opt/teradata/client/cam/tdnotification -> /opt/teradata/client/16.50/cam/tdnotification (for 16.50)
    • /opt/teradata/client/cam/tdnotification -> /opt/teradata/client/16.20/cam/tdnotification (for 16.20)

    If you provided the name of the Viewpoint server, the software is now configured and ready to start:

    /etc/init.d/tdnotification start