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Although using a LAN is recommended, Teradata Viewpoint clusters can be set up over a WAN. All the data collected by the active Teradata Viewpoint server is sent asynchronously to the standby Teradata Viewpoint server. Depending on the number and activity of the Teradata systems being monitored, the amount of data transferred has the potential of approaching 1 GB an hour. Consider setting up a Teradata Viewpoint cluster spanning a WAN only if there is adequate bandwidth available.

Load Balancing

To make all Teradata Viewpoint portals in a cluster appear as a single host and to protect users from a single host failure, you can set up a third-party load balancer to split traffic between the running Teradata Viewpoint portals.

Create a new DNS entry for the Teradata API gateway. This DNS entry should map to the third-party load balancer that is splitting traffic between the running Teradata Viewpoint portals.

Configuration of a third-party load balancer is outside the scope of this guide.