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Teradata Preprocessor2 (SPP Prefix) Messages

Preprocessor2 for Embedded SQL
Teradata Tools and Utilities
June 2020
Programming Reference


Possible Cause:

Internal error indicating 2PC style resource release when the application has not requested 2PC transaction mode. The current RDTIN structure for the SQL request has been modified to indicate a resource request (RDTCTYPE field = 900).

Possible Solution

Verify the application program has not inadvertently modified any RDTIN structures. Support intervention may be required to determine the source of this error if no application error can be found. The preprocessor may return the following SQLCODE values directly to the application. As noted earlier, some of these values may also be used to map Teradata Database errors. The first SQLERRD element should be tested to determine the error type that has been returned. The text associated with each SQLCODE is obtained by invoking PPRTEXT, as discussed above. These errors do not affect the status of the current transaction. Hence, there is no implicit rollback or commit as a result of any of the codes reported below (unless a mapped Teradata Database error occurs). When contacting support personnel, have the following information available: + The SQLCODE and the first SQLERRD element, SQLERRP + The execution environment where the error occurred + The precompiler release used to precompile the program + The SQL request causing the error + Access to the precompiler source output, as appropriate Support personnel may request additional information.