16.20 - Procedure-data - Teradata Tools and Utilities

Teradata® Call-Level Interface Version 2 Reference for Mainframe-Attached Systems

Teradata Tools and Utilities
September 2019
Programming Reference

Procedure-data might be used by an External Stored Procedure to ascertain whether the DBCAREA Use-default-conn option is honored.

Refers to the CLIv2 being invoked. Since they do not apply, the QEPTLEN, QEPCONN, QEPRQST, and QEPTOKEN fields must contain binary zeroes.

Returns information for use by a External Stored Procedure. New items may be added; therefore, the length of the result may vary depending on the version of CLIv2 or Teradata Database.

Item Code Mnemonic Response DBQERPD (DbqerPD for C)
Field Value
45 QEPIPD QERPDDC ('dfltConnStatus' for C, DFLT-CONN-STATUS for COBOL, DFLT_CONN_STATUS for PL/I) One of the following EBCDIC characters:
  • 'N' with mnemonic QERPDDCN (QER_NotSupported for C, NOT-SUPPORTED for COBOL, QER_NOT_SUPPORTED for PL/I) if the DBCAREA Use-default-conn option is not honored
  • 'Y' with mnemonic QERPDDCY (QER_Supported for C, SUPPORTED for COBOL, QER_SUPPORTED for PL/I) if the DBCAREA Use-default-conn option is honored