16.20 - Suffixes - Teradata Tools and Utilities

Teradata® Call-Level Interface Version 2 Reference for Mainframe-Attached Systems

Teradata Tools and Utilities
September 2019
Programming Reference

The names of all CLIv2 message modules begin with the characters TRD0L, and are suffixed with three characters that indicate the language of the messages in that module. These characters are the IBM national Language-identifiers defined in the IBM publication IBM Standard Packaging Rules for MVS-based Products.

The module suffixes for each defined language are as follows:

Language Suffix
Arabic ARA
Danish DAN
German (Germany) DEU
German (Switzerland) DES
Greek ELL
English (United States) ENU
English (United Kingdom) ENG
Spanish ESP
Finnish FIN
French (France) FRA
French (Belgium) FRB
French (Canada) FRC
French (Switzerland) FRS
Hebrew HEB
Icelandic ISL
Italian (Italy) ITA
Italian (Switzerland) ITS
Japanese JPN
Korean KOR
Dutch (Netherlands) NLD
Dutch (Belgium) NLB
Norwegian NOR
Portuguese (Portugal) PTG
Portuguese (Brazil) PTB
Romansh/Grishun RMS
Russian RUS
Swedish SVE
Thai THA
Turkish TRK
Chinese (China) CHS
Chinese (Taiwan) CHT