Improvements - BAR - Data Stream Architecture

Teradata® DSA Release Definition

Data Stream Architecture
Release Number
November 2022
English (United States)
Last Update
Product Category
Teradata Tools and Utilities

Improvements are new features and changes that enhance product operation. JIRA numbers for improvements are listed in the following table.


Improvement Description
DSA-37129 DSA support for AWS access_id length should be increased from 32 to 128 characters.
DSA-37918 Disable DH key exchange < 2048-bit in DSA REST.
DSA-39749 DTU ClientHandler Crashing with 24 Too many open files Error.
DSA-37350 DSA extending support for DTU Prompt RUN_JOB.


Improvement Description
DSA-35083 DSA's python-3.5.9-7 RPM install interferes with Certlist updates of python 2.7 RPMs.
DSA-36130 getRemoteMediaTargetsWithStorageUnitByTargetId should be based on targetid as well as configurationid.
DSA-36771 DSA AXMS3 Proxy Server Support.
DSA-36935 Job Plan improvement required, for expanded systems.
DSA-37254 does not support python3.
DSA-37289 Child database that was not remap when doing restore copy would overwrite the existing data on the child database.
DSA-37298 AXMSPectrum -- Previous FULL Backup save set not getting automatically expired for COMPLETED_ERRORS SaveSet.
DSA-37566 DSA Support for AJSE enable using Job level Option.
DSA-37778 DSC is limiting GCP Account Name to max 63 chars long but Google Service Account can be 83 chars long.
DSA-37843 Backup Job deleted from BAR Portlet(Viewpoint) is not getting save set deleted from Storage.


Improvement Description
DSA-35841 To provide forceful deletion mechanism for Delete Save Set associated with Restore Job.
DSA-28371 sync_save_sets command status update should be provided to the user.
DSA-33620 Allow user option to cancel sync_save_set.


Improvement Description
DSA-28152 Support '' recovery during NFR.
DSA-29144 Intuitive and Informative Error Message MVP1.
DSA-30183 Update Postgres version used by the DSC repository to 10.15.

DSA 17.10

Improvement Description
DSA-7753 Advanced Job Status Enhancements.
DSA-13182 Change Block Backup Enhancement.
DSA-19261 IR Online only w/ DBC - Client.

DSA 17.06

Improvement Description
DSA-24961 Support for multiple fabric definitions

DSA 17.05

None for this release.

DSA 17.02.02

Improvement Description
DSA-25296 Support DSA on SLES 12 SP3 (SLES 12 SP3-TDC) for all Cloud platforms
DSA-23830 AXMS3 needs to adopt virtual-hosted style addressing instead of path style
DSA-9351 Support DSA on SLES 12 SP3 (SLES 12 SP3-STND) for on-premises platforms

DSA 17.02

Improvement Description
DSA-19307 DSU Support for Google Cloud Platform

DSA 17.00

Improvement Description
DSA-165 DSA - JSE - Report byte/row counts more frequently so users can see detailed progress of DSA jobs
DSA-166 DSA - JSE - Report progress during dictionary phase of jobs
DSA-167 DSA - BAR operations: Auto-refresh and show more status/errors while job running
DSA-169 DSA - Auto discover default soft & hard limits instead of requiring client to supply these values.
DSA-174 DSA - Installer integration into Data Mover
DSA-176 DSA - Add job level streams setting when running data mover job rest API
DSA-193 DSA - Add an option for user to skip Join & hash Indices on a restore