1.8 - Exporting an App from AppCenter from the Command-Line Interface - Teradata AppCenter

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May 2019
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Exporting an app allows you to move it from instance of AppCenter to another. For example, you can move the app from a development instance to a product instance.

  1. Identify the ID of the app you want to export. For example:

    "app_id": "82cee826-60d2-46c2-a00d-3d9fd31a8585"

  2. From the location that contains the AppCenter CLI, log into AppCenter using the command-line interface.
  3. Run the command appctl appcenter export [<host>/<app-id>] -o <filename>. For example:
    appctl appcenter export appcenter.jem.ac.ter.io/82cee826-60d2-46c2-a00d-3d9fd31a8585 -o my-app.tar
    You can use the tar ball (my-app.tar) as part of the import command to push to any AppCenter.
    Optional command flags for appctl appcenter export include the following:
    Flag Description Example
    -h Help for appctl appcenter export appctl appcenter export -h
    -o Output string, save to file

    Output pulled from registry and AppCenter

    See example for step 3.