1.8 - Running a Job for a Script - Teradata AppCenter

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May 2019
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"" User, Administrator

When you run a job, AppCenter queries data from a Teradata Vantage, Teradata Database, Aster Database, Hive, or Presto system. The root user must first create a system that you specify when running a job for this script.

When required settings are completed, you can run a job. You can run a job for a script as many times as needed; the jobs can run concurrently, each with its own results.

If an email account is configured, AppCenter sends you notification about job status.

  1. Select "" > Develop, then select the script.
  2. Select RUN, then complete the settings with the following considerations:
    Setting Considerations
    • If the administrator assigned a service account to this script, AppCenter automatically selects the Use service account with default system option and you do not need to enter credentials.
    • If the administrator did not assign a service account to this script, enter the system credentials, then click CONTINUE.
    Parameters (Optional)
    • If you did not add parameters when you uploaded the script, skip this section.
    • AppCenter supports multibyte characters in job parameter names and values.
    • If you added required parameters when you uploaded the script, select the associated settings.
    • If you added optional parameters when you uploaded this script, select the associated settings or clear the parameters.
    Schedule (Optional)
    • If you select a schedule and run the job, you cannot change the schedule options later.
    • AppCenter shows selected schedule options in Execution History.
    Title and description (Optional)
    • Title and description are optional.
    • You can include both a title and description, only a title, or only a description.
  3. [Optional] For job execution status, including any job parameters used, error messages, and links to results where applicable, select Execution History.