Site Preparation Contractual Requirements

Product Safety, Trademark, and Warranty Considerations

July 2020
English (United States)
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This is a contractual document. It contains important warnings and confers important legal rights and obligations. You are advised to read it carefully.

It is the responsibility of the customer to assure that all installation preparations are complete and in compliance with Teradata Corporation specifications and requirements and all applicable national, state, or local codes, regulations, and laws.


This document contains the information necessary for the preparation of a site conforming to Teradata Corporation specifications.

  • It is very important that the site complies with the requirements specified in this document because, once the equipment has been installed, deficiencies in site preparation or the problems caused by these deficiencies are much more difficult to detect andcorrect.
  • Failure to comply with these requirements or take proper steps to protect equipment against risks identified in this document may cause serious damage to the equipment and to the customer's business .
  • In addition to the need to comply with the requirements specified, electrical wiring and mechanical systems must also comply with all relevant codes, laws, and regulations.
  • It is important that the site be prepared by a customer or his agent who is fully conversant with the special requirements of electronic equipment.
  • The responsibility for ensuring that the site is prepared in compliance with this document remains with the customer.

For information and guidance purposes only, a list is provided, in general terms, of these matters for which the customer is responsible. This list is not intended to be comprehensive, and in no way modifies, alters, or limits the responsibility of the customer for all aspects of adequate site preparation. Teradata staff will be available to answer questions relating to the contents of this document. except where:

  • The customer has been notified that a full or partial consultant service is available and/or that Teradata will be willing to undertake a preliminary or final site survey, and
  • The customer shall have entered into a formal contract with Teradata for provision of the same.

No comment, suggestion, or advice offered or not offered about preparation of the site, nor any inspection of the site whether before or after preparation, is to be taken as approval of the location of the site and equipment, or of its preparation, and Teradata will not be liable in respect of any comment. suggestion, or advice given by its staff, or in respect of any failure to give advice. Problems caused by a customer's failure to meet any of the site prep requirements may result in Teradata doing any, or all, of the following:

  • Charging the customer for additional services
  • Reclassifying a reported problem priority
  • Being relieved of the obligation to perform services

Finally,only the customer can know the full extent of damage which may be caused to his business by reason of failure of equipment which is to be installed. For this reason it is the customer's responsibility to ascertain the extent of any such possible damage to his existing or planned business, and to effect full insurance in respect of it.


The customer must do or provide the following:

  • When required by Teradata, provide the Teradata customer service representative with appropriate drawings that indicate:
    • Location of the equipment
    • Site wiring (power and signal, paths and lengths)
    • Location of other equipment capable of generating electrical noise, electromagnetic interference, heat, etc.
      • Make building alterations necessary to meet wiring and other site requirements.
      • Provide and install all communications cables, wall jacks, special connectors, and associated hardware.
      • Make sure all applicable codes, regulations, and laws (including, but not limited to, electrical, building, safety, and health) are met.
      • Provide and install auxiliary power or other equipment as required.
      • Make sure the environmental requirements of the system/unit are met.
      • Provide floor coverings and environmental systems that limit or control static electricity build-up and discharge.
      • Allow Teradata ServiceConnect remote connectivity.


In the process of power distribution, transient electrical energy (including, but not limited to, lightning strikes, intermittent short circuits, and switching transients) can be introduced on to power lines. Such transient energy can be very damaging to electronic hardware and can also cause data corruption.

Under these circumstances, Teradata Corporation recommends the use of AC power transient suppressors and data (communication) line transient suppressors. Such protective devices are intended to guard against power and data line transients that can result in hardware damage and various system or program errors.

Improvement of any deficiencies in power quality is a customer responsibility. Malfunction and/or component failure as a result of power quality problems are/is not covered by Teradata Maintenance Agreement. Teradata Corporation accepts no liability for any such occurrence nor for its consequences.


The nature of the transient phenomenon may extend to the data communication lines connected to this equipment. It is the responsibility of the customer to install and connect a data line transient suppression system to correct or prevent any deficiencies. Malfunction and/or component failure as a result of data quality problems are/is not covered by the Teradata Maintenance Agreement. Teradata Corporation accepts no liability for any such occurrence or for its consequences.