16.20 - Resolved Issues - Teradata Ecosystem Manager

Teradata® Ecosystem Manager Release Definition

Teradata Ecosystem Manager
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December 2020
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Release Notes
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English (United States)
Resolved issues are corrections to Teradata Ecosystem Manager, including related documentation.
Improvement Description
ESM-53007 Document procedure to replace emrest self signed certificate with customer certificate
ESM-52998 Enhance HA Fail over monitor not to use the root credentials to login to EM Servers as root user for EM Fail-over functionality
ESM-52995 Permission error from dbsizing
ESM-52994 msmevent not getting purged — Re-evaluate msmevent purge criteria
ESM-52993 Duplicate metric types in a single tuple from emmonitor
ESM-52987 Running config.sh against 16.20 Viewpoint servers causing EM to communicate to 61617 port which causing issues
ESM-52986 Standby emuser logons are not disabled as part of Dual EM configuration (EM HA)
ESM-52982 Version of deployed EMExplorer and EMConfig portlets is incorrect in “Portlet Library”
ESM-52981 Skip host entry with underscore while generating self signed certificate
ESM-52968 Bug in emstartall.sh and updateEmProperties.sh
ESM-52965 Syncuser missing from passwords.txt after running generatelogons.sh
ESM-52964 Enhance the SSL Configuration in the ICU documents
ESM-52962 Ecosystem Manager services on Unity (SLES 12) not starting
ESM-52960 [Error 3706] [SQLState 42000] Syntax error: Column name list is invalid. in emreplicateagent.log in standby
ESM-52953 Ecosystem Manager Server Alerts showing Error: ( responseFunction())