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Server Management
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March 2021
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A CMIC VM consists of a combination of software components and services that perform Server Management functions, including those listed below.
Function Description
Problem detection, consolidation, and summarization CMICs collect events from the software and hardware components they manage and apply knowledge rules to identify patterns which indicate known system problems and call out necessary service actions. When Teradata ServiceConnect is configured, these system problem conditions are escalated to the Teradata backend where they may qualify for automatic service incident creation, subject to the terms of the customer’s service contract.
Teradata ServiceConnect software CMICs that are configured with and attached to a public network are able to host the Teradata ServiceConnect software agent that provides both remote connectivity and TVI data uploads. When multiple CMICs are available and similarly configured, connection redundancy can be established.

For more information about the ServiceConnect solution, or for instructions on configuring ServiceConnect on an SWS, see Teradata® ServiceConnect™ Guide, B035-5373.

Asset inventory Each CMIC collects and stores asset data, including hardware and software versions, hardware part numbers, and software configuration settings from the chassis it manages and transmits this data to the Teradata backend.
Collection and retrieval of support and diagnostic packages CMICs collect and retrieve packages of device-dependent support data that are primarily used to diagnose problems.