16.20 - Installing the Teradata TARA Server for NetVault on Windows - TARA

Teradata® Tiered Archive/Restore Architecture Server Installation Guide for NetVault

November 2017
  1. Download the Teradata TARA Server for NetVault (NV_taraserver.16.20.00 or later versions) from https://access.teradata.com

    Save the file to your system.

  2. Double-click setup.exe. The install wizard opens.
    If this is a reinstallation of NV_taraserver.16.20.00, or NV_taraserver.16.20.00 was previously removed with the Windows Add or Remove Programs, the Repair, Modify, Remove Wizard opens. Go to Uninstalling on Windows.
  3. Click Next. The license agreement appears.
  4. To accept the agreement and install the Teradata TARA server, click Yes. The Choose Destination Location dialog box appears.

    For an installation location different than what is shown in Destination Folder, click Browse and select an alternate location.

  5. Click Next. The Start Copying Files dialog box appears.
  6. Click Next if the destination folder is correct. The Setup Status dialog box displays installation status, then displays that installation is complete.
  7. Click Finish.

    A command Windows opens showing the installation directory. Press any key to clear this window and complete the installation.

    Command Window Showing the Installation Directory