16.20 - Choosing a SQL Assistant Export Setting - Query Scheduler

Teradata Query Scheduler User Guide

Query Scheduler
May 2017
User Guide

Select how Teradata SQL Assistant handles results retrieved from a Teradata Database table.

Selecting the Export Results Tables check box, causes Teradata SQL Assistant to export a results set and then terminate without showing the results in an Answer Set window.

To see how using the Export Results Tables check box affects how results are retrieved from a Teradata Database table, see Retrieving Results from a Database Table.
  1. From the Teradata Query Scheduler Viewer, click View > Settings.

    The Viewer Settings dialog box appears.

    To get details about the controls in the Viewer Settings dialog box, see Viewer Settings Dialog Box.

  2. Select the Export Results Tables check box.
  3. Click OK to close the Viewer Settings dialog box.

    To find out about submitting a scheduled request, see Scheduling Requests Go to Working with Scheduled Requests to learn about managing your scheduled requests and results.