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Teradata Query Scheduler User Guide

Query Scheduler
May 2017
User Guide
Before using the Teradata Query Scheduler Viewer, familiarize yourself with its available features. Read the following topics to find out more:

To start using the Teradata QSViewer, see Working with Scheduled Requests.

To learn about the other Teradata QS windows and dialog boxes and their available features, see About the Viewer Interfaces.

Teradata Query Scheduler Viewer

The following table introduces the Teradata Query Scheduler Viewer options and controls:

Teradata Query Scheduler Viewer Options and Control Descriptions 
Options/Control Description
Menu bar The menu bar is located immediately below the title bar of the Teradata Query Scheduler Viewer. Use the menu bar to access all of the Teradata Query Scheduler > Viewer functions. See Using the Menu Bar.
Toolbar Below the menu bar is an toolbar. Click these buttons to access the more commonly used Teradata QS features. See Exploring the Toolbar.
Jobs list The jobs list is a table showing your scheduled requests and jobs. It is located below the tool bar. Use the scroll bar to scroll through items in the list. See Using the Jobs List.
Status bar The status bar is located at the bottom of the Teradata Query Scheduler Viewer. See Reading the Status Bar.